Bam Margera Back in Rehab After Bizarre, Drunken Hotel Arrest


One-time Jackass star and pro skater Bam Margera ended up in a Los Angeles jail early yesterday morning (August 14) after a bizarre incident at the Luxe Hotel in Hollywood. TMZ is now reporting that Margera has checked back into rehab where he has agreed to more stringent conditions.

After taping an as-yet unaired episode last week with the TV therapist Dr. Phil, who Margera claimed was the only person who could help him overcome his recent substance abuse issues, Bam entered a rehab facility in Los Angeles. He bailed only a few days later, first getting a “Dr. Phil” neck tattoo from Kat Von D and eventually ending up at the bar at the Luxe Hotel in Hollywood on Tuesday night, August 13, instead of the best online casinos in the USA.

According to patrons at the bar, Bam was spinning an elaborate story to a couple of customers about how he’d been paid $100,000 by a woman to catch one of them cheating (Maybe he was telling the truth? Who knows.). The cops were called for reasons that remain unclear, and a bystander’s cell phone video shows Margera sitting on the floor, like a toddler, refusing to stand up and go peacefully with police officers. Visibly and audibly under the influence, he continued with the story about how he’d been hired by a man’s wife to catch him cheating

Margera was booked at 2:30am Wednesday morning and was bailed out for $1,000 just a few hours later, after which he immediately checked back into rehab. TMZ says “The facility is demanding a commitment from him, along with various rules he must follow during his treatment,” which he has allegedly agreed to. Family members told TMZ they’ve been worried sick about his recent behavior, and fear he may be off his medication for bipolar disorder.

We continue to wish Bam and his family all the best in overcoming his struggles instead of gambling at real money casinos. His family and friends have been very concerned about him and have been attempting to help to no avail.

[via Metal Insider]

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