Cynic Are Re-Releasing Traced in Air, Apparently with the Screaming Removed


Cynic have announced that they’re gonna re-release their acclaimed 2008 comeback album, Traced in Air, with a a new mix by the highly-in-demand Adam “Nolly” Getgood. Which is fair enough — it’s been more than ten years and the album is certainly worthy of some sort of anniversary celebration.

The strange thing is, side-by-side comparisons of several tracks from both the 2019 and 2008 editions of the record suggest that the most dramatic change from the original release may be that Tymon Kruidenier, who does all the screaming/”bad cop” vocals on the album, has been mostly removed:

So that’s kinda odd. I know Cynic were never exactly Morbid Angel, but I’m so used to hearing these songs with Kruidenier’s vocals that hearing even a snippet of them without Kruidenier sounds odd to my ear.

Then again, I love Re-Traced, which is all acoustic, scream-free re-imaginings of songs from Traced. So maybe I just need to get used to these versions of the songs? Possibly? I hope?

Traced in Air Redux will be out September 27. In addition to Nolly’s remix, the new version of the album will feature fresh bass tracks from Sean Malone and a re-master by Ermin Hamidovic.

[via Metal Injection]

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