Members of Shinedown, All That Remains, and Bad Wolves Defend Rob Zombie


As you’ve likely heard by now, Rob Zombie is the unwitting star of the newest video to make it onto TMZ. The singer was recorded during an altercation with a female fan who reached across a barricade to grab his shirt in the middle of his recent performance at the Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario.

Rob was walking down an aisle amongst the crowd, being his spooky self when a woman forcibly tugged on his shirt without letting him go. After Rob managed to break free, he turned back, yanked her down by grabbing her hair, and whispered a message in her ear, which I can only assume to have been something along the lines of, “You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

Do I think the hair pull was somewhat unwarranted? Yes… but also, no. As a fan, you expect to get a reasonable amount of love from band members through autographs and a simple ‘hello,’ but there’s obviously a line to be crossed. While the hair pull was an unnecessary action, this woman had no business acting that way, especially when Rob Zombie is just out here trying to live his damn life without getting harassed by people who feel that for some reason they deserve one on one time with their favorite singer more than any other fan in that room.

Several musicians have come to Rob’s defense via Twitter, including members of Shinedown, All That Remains, and Bad Wolves:

Soooo you know, of course, TMZ is going to be TMZ and only highlight the actions of Rob Zombie as opposed to the actions of the fan. I do, however, wholeheartedly agree that had that been a female singer getting yanked on by a male, the Internet would’ve flipped their shit in an entirely different way.

Rant over.

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