Video: Rob Zombie Gets Physical After a Fan Grabs His Shirt


Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson’s summer tour is winding down. I guess that means we’ve been spared a new duet from the gruesome twosome. Oh darn.

That’s not to say the trek has gone down without incident, though: The PRP reports that TMZ reports that during Zombie’s performance last night, August 14, in London, ON, the singer took a stroll through the crowd, only for a very excited fan to reach out and grab him by the shirt. Video of the incident shows that Zombie responded by shoving the woman and briefly pulling her hair (it also looks as though he may have said something to her, although we can’t be sure):

Zombie hasn’t responded to TMZ’s request for comment.

On the one hand, Zombie’s reaction is understandable; when a fan crosses the line like this, the artist has every right to feel at least kinda pissy about it. On the other hand, Zombie did take the risk of walking through the crowd, and he’s got security with him, which suggests he was aware that a fan or fans might be overenthusiastic about seeing him up close and personal. And by all appearances, Zombie was able to release himself from the woman’s grip after the first shove — in other words, there was really no need for him to lean over and grab this fan by her hair. He could have kept going and let security handle it (which they appear to have done anyway — you can briefly see a guard yanking the woman out of the frame near the end of the clip). So the fan overreacted, yes, but so did Zombie.

Also, I think it’s just a good rule to never to pull a stranger’s hair. You should probably never pull a friend’s hair, either. You can pull your lover’s hair if they’re into that. If you’re a stylist I suppose you have to pull hair from time to time, but that’s obviously a different context. So generally speaking, “I pulled someone’s hair recently” is not a statement that should apply to anyone over the age of four.

So, yeah. Bad form, dude.

Here are the remaining dates on the Zombie/Manson tour. If you go, please try to behave yourself.

08/16 Ottawa, ON – Richcraft Live at Canadian Tire Centre
08/17 Quebec, QC – Videotron Centre
08/18 Gilford, NH – Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion

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