Here’s a 5-Year-Old Losing His Mind While Onstage with the Foo Fighters


So the Foo Fighters are playing Belfast last night (August 19), la-di-da, and someone spots a 5-year-old rocking out in the audience. The band invites the kid, whose name is Taylor, up on stage while they play their hit “All My Life”… and this is how Taylor uses his time in the spotlight:

So that’s friggin’ adorable.

Kerrang! says that Taylor’s mother, Nikki Hooper, later tweeted about her son’s performance that there were “No E numbers [food additives]… that is just pure energy. We are all just in shock.”

Really, the only downside here is that this was apparently Taylor’s first concert… which means every live show he sees for the rest of his life is gonna be a disappointment. Unless he becomes a rockstar himself, I guess. Someone set a reminder to look this kid up in 2039.

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