Megadeth are Getting Ready to Announce a European Tour! (with Five Finger Death Punch)


Normally we wouldn’t report on a European tour rumor because we tend to focus on North American runs. We’ve got nothing against Europe (or anywhere else in the world), it’s just that we can only cover so much, there a zillion places bands go, and there are plenty of other websites covering tours where they’re based.

But the so-called “Megadeathpunch” tour, which both Megadeth and Five Finger Death Punch teased on their social media accounts earlier today, is especially noteworthy because it means it Dave Mustaine will be healthy enough to sing every night out on the road (or almost every night). Mustaine, mind you, was just diagnosed with throat cancer, and canceled every planned Megadeth gig except the one on the band’s own boat cruise.

Five Finger Death Punch will be there too. ‾\_(ツ)_/‾ Apparently in a headline role over Megadeth! Yikes.

Bad Wolves will be opening, according to MegaDeathPunch.com, which currently displays Helsinki and Stockholm as cities the tour will be hitting (but with no dates revealed), while the rest of the itinerary is obscured by red paint. Presumably all will be revealed on September 9, the date teased on the website, with perhaps more cities being uncovered before then.

This is great news! We’re very glad the treatment Dave has been receiving is doing what it’s supposed to do. Get out there, champ!

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