Necrophagist’s New Album is Done, According to Muhammed Suiçmez


Before we go any further, please note that everything in this article should be taken with a gigantic, overflowing spoonful of the saltiest salt on earth. Mine that shit from the depths of the deepest sodium deposit that exists, get in there with an excavator, load up a dump truck full of gigantic rocks of that crap, cart it off to the MetalSucks Mansion then spill it all over this post.

That said: a self-described “huge fan for years” of Necrophagist, who haven’t released any new music since 2004, ran into band leader Muhammed Suiçmez at the Brutal Assault festival in the Czech Republic a couple of weeks back. There’s proof of that encounter, at least, in the form of a photo he posted to Instagram, which you can see at the bottom of this post.

But here’s where that dump-truck full of salt comes in: in a subsequent comment left on the post, the same fan said this: “He told me he’s got the album recorded on a hard drive somewhere ???? Just no motivation right now to do the band again.”

So much to dissect from just two sentences! To start, we should always be skeptical of the whole “he told me” thing. Who knows what Muhammed actually said? These things often tend to get distorted, ala the old “telephone” kids game. Secondly, if true, this statement is completely consistent with what I’ve been hearing from insiders for years, namely that Muhammed simply does not care about Necrophagist anymore. To back up that sentiment — and this is my third and final point — I love the use of the word “somewhere.” Muhammed gives so few shits that he doesn’t even know where the hard drive is! It’s somewhere! Anywhere! Who knows? Certainly not him, the only person on earth who would have any clue!

So, in summary: a new Necrophagist album might be more or less finished. It likely exists somewhere, but no one is sure where, and you aren’t going to hear it any time soon or possibly ever. Sorry, folks!

Thanks: Stefano B.

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