Ghoul Crowdfunding New Comic Book

  • Axl Rosenberg

Following in the footsteps of such illustrious bands like Slayer and GWAR, it looks like Ghoul will be the next metal act to get their own official comic book (i.e., not a Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics-style unauthorized biography). The band has launched a crowdfunding campaign to, y’know, crowdfund Ghoul: Born to Kill, which is described as “a horror anthology that takes place in Ghoul’s home country of Creepsylvania.” The comic will feature not only Ghoul, but also “some regular characters from their stage show, as well as other Creepsylvanian murderers, mutants, and monsters.”

Born to Kill will be written and illustrated by Ross Sewage, bassist for Exhumed and Impaled and definitely not also Ghoul bassist/vocalist Cremator in disguise. Says Mr. Sewage of the project:

“I love Ghoul’s music and I love their very real, very true backstory. I thought comic books would be a great medium to get more tales from Creepsylvania into the hands of their rabid fans. Kickstarter seemed like the perfect place to let those rabid fans take part in bringing it to life. If this goes well, hopefully there’ll be more to come!”

Adds Cremator, bassist and vocalist for Ghoul and definitely not also Exhumed/Impaled bassist Ross Sewage in disguise:

“Ross who? Oh yeah, that guy who got me super drunk that one night. He pumped me for some stories about home. I guess he drew a comic book or something.”

You can watch a trailer for the comic below, and chip in for the cause here. As is always the case with these sorts of affairs, you can get all kinds of bells and whistles and depending on how much you’re willing to shell out. Or you can get nothing.

Ghoul Crowdfunding New Comic Book

How can anyone not love this band???

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