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Nowadays online casinos are finding humorous and entertaining topics to base their games around. You can make a casino game based on literally any topic or even a real-life event. Music is a very common theme that casino games are based around, so there’s a good chance you can play games that feature your favorite artist or band. More often than not, the music themed casino games are based on rock music or heavy metal.

Software developers and online sites such bingosites.bet have realized that real life topics, for example music, TV or films, make very good casino games that have a huge appeal to customers who can relate to those particular artists or shows. Rock is the most common music theme for casino games because it matches up best with the audience, and even non-rock fans find themselves playing games based on rock every so often and enjoying the experience.

Below, you can find what we consider to be the best rock-based casino games based on your favorite music heroes and how you can play them.

Jimi Hendrix

One of the best online casino games that we recommend trying is the slot game based on Jimi Hendrix. This game is powered by Netent, one of the best slot developers in the industry, so our expectations are already high. Hendrix, of course, was a massively popular American rock artist and had a variety of huge hit singles which you can listen to in the soundtrack of the slot game while you play. Netent really did Jimi Hendrix justice with this online video slot. As you load up the game, you get an introduction of a cartoon Jimi playing his electric guitar. Then when the game loads up, you can see a well-crafted and aesthetically striking layout. This slot game takes place on another planet where the land is filled with nothing but rocks, flowers, a guitar and drum kit. The symbols included are vinyl records, guitars, and more. The bonus features included in this slot game are a solo multiplier, an encore with free spins, a crowd pleaser bonus game where you can pick from a variety of wins, and legend spins.

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses are another fan favorite when it comes to rock slots, and Netent has once again brought is this excellent online slot. To give you the sense of actually being there and experiencing it for yourself, this slot game is set at a virtual Guns N’ Roses concert. In the background you can see the huge stage and beaming lights where the band are performing along with moving visuals of the crowd swaying, which adds great effect, making it seem like a more realistic live concert. If you are looking for a slot game with some outstanding graphics, then look no further. The graphics, theme and bonus features all help to make this slot excellent. The bonus features for this slot game include a bonus wheel, the Appetite for Destruction wild, a multiplier and a legend spins bonus. This is a very entertaining slot game that does Guns N’ Roses justice, and if you are a big fan of the band and their massive catalogue of worldwide hit singles (including “Sweet Child O’ Mine”), then you will certainly appreciate this slot game.


If there’s one thing that KISS are known for, it’s their face paint and unique stage outfits. If you are a fan of the band then you will be able to relate to the awesome online slot game that’s based on them. This online slot game is called “Kiss: Shout It Out Loud!” It is powered by WMS Gaming, one of the most creative slot developers in the industry. This is a very unique slot game as it features two separate reels, which is unusual to see in an online game. This is known as a Colossal Reel Set. There are five reels and 12 rows. Together, the two separate reels make up 100 pay lines. Some of the symbols in this online slot game that are related to Kiss include close-ups of the band members and the KISS logo.

There are two different bonus features included in this online slot game: a free spin bonus and a wild feature. The free spin bonus can allow you to receive up to 20 free spins and a 20x multiplier. The wild feature turns some of the reels wild to help land you big wins. If you are looking for an excellent casino game to play and you are a fan of KISS, or even if you’re not a fan, we recommend this game. Enjoy listening to some of the KISS songs in the soundtrack.


No one can forget about the legend that is Elvis Presley, and you certainly can’t be surprised at the fact that there is a slot game based around him. This man who will always be considered a legend and the king of rock and roll is the star of this slot game, another one produced by WMS Gaming. This slot game is titled “Elvis the King Lives,” which is very true despite Elvis being dead for decades. This one is a very humorous and entertaining slot. There are a total of 11 slot reels and 80 pay lines, which is rare to find. In this online slot game, there are a lot of Elvis-related symbols, which include blue suede shoes, a teddy bear, a guitar and a hound dog. Elvis himself is the wild symbol and the vinyl records are the bonus symbols. There is one bonus feature included in this slot game, which is labelled as the Jukebox Free Spins bonus. From this bonus feature, you can claim a total of 20 free spins and a 100x multiplier added to your betting stake, which can be massively rewarding.


The final rock themed slot game that we would recommend to you would without a doubt be Motorhead. This online slot game is powered by Netent, who have history of creating amazing rock-themed slot games, as we’ve highlighted above. Most of you won’t need any introduction to Motorhead, but for the uninitiated, the band formed in 1975 and have released some classic songs including “Ace of Spades,” “No Class” and “Bomber,” all of which can be listened to while you play. This is a 76-line slot game and the bonus features that you can experience here include a mystery wheel, a bomber feature and free spins.

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Different players look for different types of games, and I am sure that you will be keeping an eye out for any possible rock star casino games available. You will surely find such themed games. Make sure to try the free demo version of the games and make up your mind about which game best fits your personality. Playing at a quality casino can make a fantastic experience that will make you understand the casino life of the biggest rock stars in the world.


As you can see there are some excellent online slot games that show great respect to rock bands and artists. These slot games give them the praise they deserve and let fans become closer with the allure of the chance to also win money.

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