Comedian Gilbert Gottfried: “I am Tortilla Man from the Band Slipknot”


Who is Tortilla Man? Fans think it’s Michael Pfaff, Clown’s bandmate in Dirty Little Rabbits, although Corey Taylor denied it (sort of). So the mystery drag$ on!

This is brilliant, and frankly I’m pissed I didn’t think of it myself: Loudwire used the celebrity custom video site Cameo to source a video from comedian Gilbert Gottfried in which the famous ’80s funnyman claimed to be Tortilla Man. “I’d just like to finally tell you, I’m Tortilla Man from the band Slipknot,” Gottfried says in the video in his trademark, high-pitched vocal fry. They even got Gottfried to wonder aloud what Corey Taylor would think, and had him read some trademark Slipknot lyrics. Genius!

Who knew it was Gottfried with that actual tortilla on his face the whole time?

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