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Jim Root Addresses Fan Complaints About Lack of Guitar Solos on Slipknot’s New Album


If I were Jim Root, and I were asked by The Art & Span Show to address fan complaints about the alleged lack of guitar solos on Slipknot’s new album, I would have promptly sent them in the direction of this infamous clip from Metallica’s Some Kind of Monster:

Kirk was ultimately right, wasn’t he? But I digress…

Root was a gentleman about the question, and answered it this way instead:

“I see a lot of comments like, ‘Where are the guitar solos on this record?’ and stuff like that. Well, obviously, Mick [Thomson, guitar] and I are very into guitar; we love playing guitar, love doing solos over every song, but that didn’t occur to me. I was more concerned about the arrangements and making a good song top to bottom.

“There is a solo on ‘Spiders,’ albeit a kind of a non-traditional solo, but that’s what I love. The point I’m trying to make is I get to think outside of the box and approach guitar playing in a way that I would never approach it with a song like ‘Spiders’ because Clown wrote that song and it didn’t come from my mind, so it’s hard for me to process it.”

I hadn’t noticed any “lack” of solos on the record, nor had I focused on the one in “Spiders,” which — now that I zone in on it — is really fucking rad. Nice job, Jim! And the whole band on this track, too. Jam it below.

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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