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Jay Weinberg Recreates the Time He Met Slipknot as a Kid

  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s no secret that Jay Weinberg was a massive Slipknot fan long before he became the band’s drummer. Nor is it a secret that Jay’s father, Max Weinberg, is himself a very famous drummer. And if you were a very famous drummer and your son was obsessed with a band, you would probably pull strings so that your could kid could meet that band, because most dads wanna look cool in their eyes of their kids. And you’d probably get someone to take a photo or two to commemorate that time you were an awesome dad and got your kid backstage to hang with his favorite band.

Which is exactly what happened however many years ago (based on the masks in the photo, I’d guess this was circa Iowa). And now that Jay is actually in the group, he did something cute: he recreated the photos from that seminal moment in his youth, complete with the participation of Max and Slipknot guitarist Jim Root. It’s friggin’ adorable.

You can check out both the new and old photos below. The new ones, in case it isn’t readily apparent, are the ones where Jay is taller than Max and isn’t wearing a Corey Taylor mask.

Warm the cockles of your heart:

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Time is a flat circle.

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