Triptykon to Release Live Recording of Their Celtic Frost Set From Roadburn

  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s been more than five years since Thomas Gabriel Fischer’s Triptykon released their sophomore effort, the totally excellent Melana Chasmata… but it looks like that’s gonna change in 2020! In fact, the man and Metallica mega-fan sometimes known as ‘Tom G. Warrior’ says we may be getting two new Triptykon releases next year: Requiem, a live recording of Triptykon’s special Celtic Frost cover set from this year’s Roadburn festival, AND a third full-length studio album.

TG(i)F tells Metalshop:

“Finally Triptykon is showing signs of life. I admit it’s all my fault. I’ve been involved with so many things and I’ve also had to take care of some private things in my life in recent years. We have been mixing the ‘Requiem,’ the live recording of Celtic Frost/Triptykon’s ‘Requiem.’ We have finished mixing it. I have submitted all the artwork. It’s going to be released early next year as a very lavish gatefold album with many extras and bonus materials and so on. It will be a very beautiful release. Of course, it’s a stopgap release. The actual Triptykon studio album, we are working on it. I’m working on various songs. We will rehearse those songs later this year in Switzerland. We plan on recording this album in the next months in 2020, and release it hopefully later next year if all goes well. There should be two Triptykon albums finally within maybe one year.”

Two new albums in one year sure would make up for lost time, even if one of those albums was really a live covers record. Fingers crossed it actually comes to fruition.

[via Metal Injection]

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