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Knocked Loose: Popular


In July, my main man Vince wrote about the much ballyhooed metallic hardcore band Knocked Loose. And, granted, the article was not positive. It was also not, at least by MetalSucks standards, particularly inflammatory. It literally contained the phrase “I ain’t feelin’ this. But more power to you if you do.” It was fairly even-handed.

It sparked a wildfire of social media outrage so tremendous you’d think Vince had just confessed to holding the new Necrophagist album hostage.

I don’t know why Knocked Loose’s fanbase took such offense to Vince’s post; it’s not like MS is having a negative impact on the band’s sales! Lambgoat reports that the band’s new album, A Different Shade of Blue, sold around 16,000 copies (album-equivalent units) in its first week of release, landing it the number No. 26 spot on the Billboard 200 chart, the No. 1 spot on the Hard Rock Albums and Independent Albums charts, and the No. 5 spot on the Top Albums and Top Album Sales charts. That would be impressive under any circumstances, especially for a metal band. It also represents a significant step forward for Knocked Loose: their first album, 2016’s Laugh Tracks, debuted at No. 163 on the Billboard 200.

So, to review: free publicity from Bernie Sanders > a negative write-up from MetalSucks. Good to know!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how the band’s little unofficial competition with Taylor Swift went: Taylor won.

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