Hour of Penance Unleash Furious New Single, “Flames Of Merciless Gods”


The press release touting Hour of Penance’s new single, “Flames Of Merciless Gods,” is quick to point out that the band has existed for 20 years and are about to release their eight album. Which, truth be told, I didn’t even realize; I feel like Hour of Penance first started gaining attention on the international scene at some point around the turn of this decade. But it just goes to illuminate the obstacles bands outside a handful of countries (the U.S., U.K., Germany, Sweden, etc.) have to overcome in order to break into the worldwide metal scene, and that perseverance is a crucial part of that. You won’t find anyone claiming that Hour of Penance don’t deserve their current success.

So: the band’s new single comes from their forthcoming album, Misotheism, which the internet tells me is not a dedication to the divine power of miso soup, but a Greek word meaning “hatred of God.” Very on-brand for Hour of Penance!

Says the band:

“‘Flames of Merciless Gods’ is a song about a new empire built on the illuministic values of reason and equality, who wages war against the wealthy ones hidden in their ivory towers, worshipping their only god: Money. They are the ‘bastard race,’ because they have no fatherland and no motherland: their loyalty stands to no one but themselves. Their way of life is a blasphemy to everyone who is exploited by the inequalities created by their greed and is starving because of that. They are so afraid to atone for their crimes that they choose to commit mass suicide rather than face justice.”

That conclusion is wishful thinking, eh? If only the powers currently in charge of world affairs would agree to that fate.

Misotheism is due out on October 25th via Agonia Records; pre-order here. Stream “Flames of Merciless Gods” below.

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