Report: Bison Hate AC/DC


Bison: they’re more than just a delicious burger-in-waiting. They’re also an obstruction to highway traffic! Apparently you can’t just ram your car into them and keep going the way you can when a squirrel or a racoon or a small child runs out into the road.

What are drivers to do about such a nuisance? Fret not, motorists of the world: once again, the goddamn superheroes in AC/DC are here to save the day!

Classic Rock reports that police in West Yellowstone, Montana have been using the AC/DC classic “Hells Bells” to keep bison off their highways. Funnier still, a Facebook post from the Gallatin County sheriff’s office says that they resort to this method only after utilizing a police car’s lights and siren and an airhorn fails to get the bison moving. In other words, bison would rather hear all kinds of racket than even just one measly AC/DC song.

Although this may seem like a surprising use of AC/DC, given how beloved the band is around the world, it’s important to remember that bison loathe few things as much as artistic stagnation. The mere fact that AC/DC have ostensibly been writing variations on the same song for decades now was sure to alienate the bison community.

Neither representatives for AC/DC nor bison responded to MetalSucks’ request for comment.

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