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Watch: Jazz Drummer Loses His Shit to Meshuggah’s “Clockworks”


The ultimate beauty of Meshuggah’s music is that it appeals to both massive music nerds and regular metal plebes alike. Look around at any Meshuggah show and you’re just as likely to see a neckbeard counting out time signatures as he bops his head along and waits for folks to notice what a genius he is as you are someone completely entranced by the music, lost in the clouds and losing their fucking mind while headbanging furiously, no fucks given when they miss the beat. It’s a thing of beauty.

In the literal neckbeard category today we have Garrett Miller, a jazz drummer who’s been posting reaction videos to metal songs on his YouTube channel of late. Miller’s mind is sufficiently blown by Tomas Haake’s performance on Meshuggah song “Clockworks,” and his observations include such gems as the following:

“This guy’s a fuckin’ machine.”




“Yeah, dude!”

“You could feel this in like four different ways.”

“I really miss just beating the shit out of a china cymbal.”

“That’s dope!”

“Fuck yeah, metal drums!”

“Fuck yeah, dude!”

Miller also has plenty to say about Haake’s performance that fellow drummers will appreciate, but who needs all that when the above truly says all there is to say?

Watch below and enjoy, both because Miller’s commentary is hilarious and because it’s never a bad time to jam some Meshuggah.

Meshuggah don’t currently have any live dates on the horizon, but you can keep on eye on those right here.

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