This Lady’s Karaoke Cover of “Bodies” by Drowning Pool Is Everything


What is it about Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” that old people so adore? Does the repeatitive quality appeal to them? Maybe it’s the song’s relative simplicity that they enjoy? Are they simply nostalgic for 2001, when the song came out and was suddenly in, like, every movie trailer ever? Perhaps it’s a feeling that the band really “gets them” as they approach their own body hitting the floor?

Whatever the reason, older folk do seem to really dig this tune. You may recall that an 82-year-old dude sang the track on America’s Got Talent back in 2016… and now there’s this video of an older lady (dunno how old, but definitely younger than 82) performing the nu-metal anthem during a karaoke sesh. Again, no idea what the story is with this woman, but the video totally made my day — and I hate this goddamn song.


[via The PRP]

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