Is Steel Panther’s “Fuck Everybody” the Most Expensive Music Video of All Time?


Steel Panther’s new album, Heavy Metal Rules, comes out THIS FRIDAY, September 27 (pre-orders!)… and then, of course, the band starts a major U.S. tour (tickets!). And to make extra-sure you don’t forget it (as if you could!), the band has now released one last single and video from HMR, “Fuck Everybody.”

That both the song and the clip are great is no surprise — this band has always written top-notch glam metal and they’ve always made killer videos. But this video… holy SHIT… I can’t even imagine how much it cost. It makes the “Estranged” video look like The Room. There’s no credited director, but word around the campfire is that the band somehow roped in Michael Bay. With this level of special effects, I believe it:

Incredible. Somebody get this guys a MTV Video Vanguard Award STAT!

Speaking of substantial budgets, we just filmed some really fun stuff with the band for one of our patented YouTube videos. Be on the lookout for that, it oughta drop soon!

[via The PRP]

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