Video: Slipknot’s “Psychosocial” Performed on Mini-Drums Inside a Refrigerator


The concept of a song performed on mini-drums is funny enough on its own, and anything Slipknot-related, as you all know, is click gold. Why, then, did the YouTuber known simply as Miniature Drums decide to take the extra step of setting up his mini-drum kit inside a refrigerator to perform “Psychosocial”? I don’t know, but the gag worked on me: the concept is just silly enough to push that clickability totally over the edge.

Watch the video below. It’s entertaining until the joke wears off after about 30 seconds. Still, props to this drummer for executing Joey Jordison’s complex fills on that tiny set with extreme focus and dexterity, even if the lack of bass drums makes it a bit easier (I’d like to believe the drummer was tapping along with their feet off-camera).

[via Loudwire]

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