Dino Cazares: “There Is No New Fear Factory Album”


What the shit is going on with Fear Factory? Honestly it’s starting to feel as though no one in the band even knows.

To review, here’s a timeline of recent events:

  • In May of 2017, the group’s former bassist,  Christian Olde Wolbers, claims that they’ve broken up. Guitarist Dino Cazares denies it.
  • In March of 2018, Cazares says there’s “no news” regarding Fear Factory, and reveals he’s working on a ton of other projects.
  • In December of 2018, vocalist Burton Seabell says Fear Factory have a new record completed, handed into the label, and set for a 2019 release. He blames legal issues for the delay.
  • When asked about Fear Factory during an interview this past April, Cazares says “I have no information about that.”
  • In May, Cazares and Wolbers clash on social media once again, with Wolbers re-iterating his claim that Fear Factory “is now history.”

Which brings us to this tweet, sent out only hours ago, in which Cazares very bluntly tells a fan that “There is no new FF album.”

Cazares’ assertion is deeply confusing. Does he mean the band is broken up, or that they just haven’t recorded anything yet? Is Burton full of crap, then — was there never a completed record that was handed into the label and everything? Or have those legalities which were delaying its release now 100% prevented its release? Or is Dino simply sick of answering questions about Fear Factory?

And as if that wasn’t all confounding enough, The PRP has noticed that every Fear Factory album made this century, save for 2001’s Digimortal and 2015’s Genexus, has been pulled from streaming services. The four missing albums — Archetype (2004), Transgression (2005), Mechanize (2010), and The Industrialist (2012) — were made by two different line-ups for three different labels. So that also seems to suggest some kind of legal entanglement.

You’ll know more when we do…

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