Iron Maiden Make Bottle Caps Now

  • Axl Rosenberg

Iron Maiden have figured out a new way to get to you buy their Trooper beer, and it’s got nothing to do with beer itself: throughout the month of October, the caps on Trooper bottles will all feature cover art from Iron Maiden’s discography. Some album-caps will be rarer than others, the idea being, I guess, to theoretically make the caps potentially-valuable and get people to buy more beer so they can collect ’em all. They’re even selling a special display case in which to put your caps (but the caps are not sold separately, so you’ll still need to buy Trooper beer):

Iron Maiden Make Bottle Caps Now

As much as I love Iron Maiden, I don’t particularly feel the need to spend money in order to see their album covers printed on small piece of metal that are generally meant to be discarded. I dunno. Maybe I’m just jaded.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go color in a bunch of Guinness caps with a black sharpie and sell them on eBay as limited edition Black Album collectibles.

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