Napalm Death’s Shane Embury Has “No Health Issues”


A brief update to this week’s news that Napalm Death’s Shane Embury will be sitting out the band’s upcoming U.S. tour with Municipal Waste: the bassist has released a new statement in which he reassures fans that the reason for his absence has nothing to do with his health.

Hi folks – Shane here just to
Let all out there know I am
Totally fine no health issues (well could
Do with going on a
Diet but what’s new 😳)but as we said cannot make the tour – at the moment it’s
Beyond our control and I am ultra weakened as we napalm death guys say i can’t make it great bn.ands and great friends love to everyone 🤘💕🤘Shane ND

Which is great, although it doesn’t necessarily quell my other concerns as to why Embury may be sitting on the sidelines. It would be neat if a more specific reason for his absence were provided, or even if someone would say “Shane will be back soon.” Hopefully I’m just being a silly ol’ worry wart for no reason.

Get Napalm Death’s Embury-less dates with Municipal Waste here.

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