Trump Tweet Gooses Nickelback Sales


Donald Trump has the anti-Midas touch — everything he grazes turns to shit. Case in point: last week, The Big Orange Idiot used the way-past-its-expiration-date meme based around Nickelback’s “Photograph” to take shots at Joe and Hunter Biden, unwitting participants in the latest Trump scandal/bout of complete fucking insanity. And even though Trump’s tweet was removed from Twitter after the label owning the track, WMG, submitted a copyright claim, the damage was already done. Not to the Bidens’ reputation — but to our culture at large: Billboard reports that sales and streams of “Photograph” went straight through the frickin’ roof after Trump’s tweet.

“The song earned 772,000 on-demand streams (audio and video combined) on Oct. 2-3, a 38% gain from the 558,000 it collected on Sept. 30-Oct. 1. (Streaming numbers include streams from sources like YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify, but not streams from videos shared directly via Twitter’s platform.) 

“Digital download sales of ‘Photograph’ on Oct. 2-3 were up 569% over the previous two days. However, in both pairs of days, sales were still negligible. In total for the WEEK ending Oct. 3, the song garnered 1,000 downloads.” 

Great. Fucking idiot couldn’t have used Gojira or Wormrot or something good to attack the Bidens. He just HAD to use Nickelback. That dumb motherfucker.

I’m calling it right now: there’s going to be a major re-evaluation of Nickelback’s work in the coming years, and this is going to be part of what causes that to happen. Chad Kroeger already has Devin Townsend’s endorsement, which gives him some cred for a change, and after the Trump tweet, Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic came out in support of the band, too, as did Wage War’s Briton Bond.

So in twenty years when the human race is dying from climate change yet people are still listening to Nickelback, remember that Donald Trump is to blame for both tragedies.

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