Listen to Mono’s Re-Recorded Version of Early Song “Halo”


Japanese instrumental outfit Mono just dropped a new single, “Halo,” a re-recording of one of their first songs that serves as a testament to the journey the band has been on since their early days.

“Halo” is a teaser from Mono’s upcoming mini-LP, Before The Past – Live From Electrical Audio. It feels reminiscent of first wave black metal with its distortion and eeriness, albeit slightly prettier, and it’s soothing in the kind of way that feels both sad and calming. The emotive yet minimalist tone is darkly powerful, albeit slightly repetitive at times, and the song grows with vigor as it progresses and tells a sorrowfully beautiful story. The track feels full despite a lack of vocals, as if the band added an extra layer of distortion where the vocals would be — it’s an unusual tactic, but it definitely works. “Halo” first appeared on the 2002 album One Step More and You Die.

Before The Past – Live From Electrical Audio is out on November 8, 2019 via Temporary Residence Limited. You can preorder it here! Mono are gearing up for their winter tour where their new mini-LP will see the light of stage in both the U.S. and Europe. Find a show near you here.

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