Enlarge Photo by Dan Tredway

Track Premiere: Casket Huffer’s “Aghast” is Pure Death Metal Madness


Casket Huffer are back and ready to tear your ears apart: the brutal death metal band has unleashed “Aghast” exclusively to MetalSucks in anticipation of their upcoming album, Filth Ouroboros.

If the track is anything to go by, Filth Ouroboros is going to be one for the ages. “Aghast” is an accelerated expression of madness featuring violent screams and even more violent guitar work. Energetically aggressive and demonically heavy, there is not a moment of “Aghast” where the band isn’t shredding up a storm, blast-beating their brains out, or screaming the roof down. Following their 2017 debut studio album, Gospels of Scum, Filth Ourobos promises to be as earth-shatteringly heavy and even more brutal than ever before.

Filth Ouroboros is out on November 15, 2019 via Hibernation Release Records. Preorder it here!

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