Metallica Announce New Additions to Wristwatch Line

  • Jeff Treppel

According to Metallica, your lifestyle determines your deathstyle. They want to help you out by selling you as luxurious a lifestyle as they can. They’ve partnered with Nixon, a Southern California-based company that’s created watches and accessories for Tony Hawk and Star Wars, to create a line of timepieces for their fans. You can purchase the Time Teller “Classic Logo” watch for $125, the Sentry Leather “Seek and Destroy” model for $250, or the limited edition 51-30 “Enter Sandman” watch for a whopping $750. Well, you could if it wasn’t limited to fan club members and hadn’t sold out immediately. There’s always eBay! Nixon had this to say about their approach to the design:

From hidden details, to in-your-face designs, this was an all angles approach. Using albums, lyrics, personalities and the fans, we went all in and made timepieces as aggressive as the music itself.

That sure sounds like marketing speak! At any rate, the watches themselves look pretty cool. I like the little Ouija board slider on the “Enter Sandman” model.

Metallica Announce New Additions to Wristwatch Line

You can preorder the watches here. Tick tick tick tick.

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