Plagiarist Tommy Gibbons (Ex-Flaw) Has Wisely “Decided to Completely Step Away from Music”

  • Axl Rosenberg

What a difference a few weeks can make, huh? A month ago, the C-level nu-metal band Flaw’s greatest claim to fame was a brush with Stephen Colbert, and most of us had never heard of Tommy Gibbons, the band’s guitarist-turned-bassist. Then Flaw were busted for committing multiple acts of plagiarism on their most recent album, and what seemed like an effort to prevent Gibbons from being discovered as the riff thief failed ’cause the dude accidentally outed himself as the culprit on social media. (As a friend of ours used to say, “You couldn’t buy that guy a clue, because he’s just lose the money on the way to the clue store and the whole thing would be pointless.”) Gibbons was subsequently fired from the band, and tried to blame the whole thing on mislabeling files on his computer. If anyone had bought into that excuse, I’m sure he would have next tried to sell us a bridge.

Now, in a new statement, Gibbons says… well, here, read for yourself:

“Hey guys it’s been awhile and I’m just gonna get right to the point. I’ve decided to completely step away from music. I have no regrets and I’ve had an amazing and I mean amazing time!

“Now it’s time for the next chapter of my life. Gonna focus on my son, enjoy the Holidays with my family and maybe even try to dabble in the family business. Who knows?

“That’s the best part of life. Sometimes you just need to press restart. To all those who truly supported me I say thank you and I love you all.”

Huh. Maybe Tommy is gonna try and sell us that bridge after all: there’s more than a tinge of “You can’t fire me, I quit” to this statement. Gibbons’ word choices make it seem like his early retirement from the music business is voluntary, and not the result of nobody wanting to work with a dude who was just at the center of a big scandal. And hey, maybe that’s what happened — maybe his phone started ringing with offers the second it was announced that he was kicked out of Flaw — but I doubt it.

Anyway, wow, this is such a bummer, I can’t stop crying, blah blah blah. Seriously, if I were Gibbons, I would just start stealing making music under a new name. It’s not as though he’s famous and people know what he looks like.

(I’m kidding. Tommy, please do not start stealing music under a new name.)

[via The PRP]

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