5 Suggestions for Totally Metal Halloween Costumes and Merch from Rockabilia


Halloween, inarguably the most metal of all holidays, is just a week away! Did you procrastinate getting a great costume together? Got big party plans and worried now you’ll have nothing to wear? Well, fret not — thanks to Rockabilia, it’s not too late to put together a costume that’s metal AF, no matter what your budget!

Go here to browse through all of Rockabilia’s great Halloween costume and merch offerings, all of which are officially licensed… or check out our top five recommendations below!

1. Quiet Riot Metal Health Injection Mask – $20.99

Cum on feel the noize in this amazing mask is based on the iconic cover art of the third studio album by Quiet Riot!

Buy: Quiet Riot Metal Health Injection Mask

2. Ghost’s Cardinal Copia Mask – $64.99

Do the Dance Macabre in this incredibly detailed latex mask of Ghost’s current frontman, Cardinal Copia! Warning: people may mistake you for the actual Cardinal Copia!

Buy: Ghost Cardinal Copia Mask

3. Slipknot’s Corey Taylor – $101.98

Corey Taylor thinks you’d look awesome dressed up as this All Hallows Eve! This .5: The Gray Chapter-era mask — complete with fully removable face! — and jumpsuit combo will make you look (sic)!

Buy: Slipknot Adult Corey Mask with Removable Face
Buy: Slipknot Adult Jumpsuit Costume

4. Misfits Happy Halloween T-Shirt & Trick or Treat Tote Bag Bundle – $31 

I’ve got something to say… I went trick or treating today! With the Misfits once again dominating the headlines, 2019 is the perfect year to collect candy with this gruesome bundle. Want the full Misfits experience? Toss in a Misfits Fiend mask for $10.99 (plastic) or $53.99 (latex, with black or red hood)!

Buy: Misfits Happy Halloween T-shirt & trick or treat tote bag bundle
Buy: Misfits fiend mask (plastic)
Buy: Misfits fiend mask (latex, black hood)
Buy: Misfits fiend mask (latex, red hood)

5. Anthrax The Thing and It Themed T-Shirts – $18.99 – $21.99

You’ll never got caught in mosh wearing these exclusive Rockabilia designs based on two of the most popular horror stories of all time… because everyone will be too scared to come near you!

Buy: Anthrax The NOT Thing T-Shirt
Anthrax Smiling NOT Clown T-Shirt

Check out all of Rockabilia’s Halloween offerings here.

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