Hour of Penance Stream New Album Misotheism

  • Jeff Treppel

Hour of Penance don’t like religion. The title of their new album, Misotheism, literally means “hatred of the gods.” Totally unexplored territory in metal, I know. Twenty years into their chosen path and the Italian act know how to slam out some quality death metal. Recorded in three studios with three different engineers, their eighth studio album finds them honing their attack. The band says about their approach to the album:

“Like we did with our past records, we’ve started working on this one with the same passion and focus as if we were about to record our very first album. We’ve never took anything for granted, not only by keeping in mind the standards our fans are expecting, but also pushing ourselves to try perfecting our sound”.

If you’re into guttural growls, triggered drums, and jagged riffs, this certainly delivers. Don’t take our word for it, though. You can listen for yourself below.

Misotheism drops tomorrow on Agonia. Pre-order it here.

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