Promoter Implies Soilwork Lied About Why They Cancelled Their Concert in Singapore


The promoter of Soilwork’s recently-cancelled performance in Singapore has lashed out at the band on social media, heavily implying that the band lied about the reason for their calling off the show.

To review: the show, which would have taken place today (October 29), was already in danger of being called off because of potential objections to the band’s allegedly-Satanic leanings. But that ended up being a moot point, ’cause the Swedes pulled the plug on the gig last week, reportedly because frontman Björn “Speed” Strid “recently underwent major surgery for varicose veins in his left leg.”

Now the show’s promoter, Street Noise Productions, have shared a series of barely-cryptic Facebook posts in which they all but explicitly accuse Soilwork of cancelling the show over drugs (below; screen caps here if the posts get yanked down).

On October 23 — the day Soilwork cancelled the concert — the Street Noise FB page asserted that “Some bands will do ANYTHING for drugs. ANYTHING.” (FYI, drugs are not easy to come by in Singapore, and for reason — their sentences are incredibly harsh. They execute people for weed possession, fer Chrissakes.) Although they didn’t name Soilwork specifically, they then continued to zing the band for not cancelling a tour of Australia set to begin this Thursday, October 31, noting Speed Strid’s “Amazing speedy recovery” and sharing this observation:

“Doctor’s advice not to travel on long distance flights….

“Damn it need to re-learn my geography …. Australia and Japan is just next to Europe all along!!!”

Although it does seem somewhat suspicious that Strid couldn’t be in Singapore today but can be in Australia later this week, I’m not a doctor (“YOU’RE NOT?!?!”) and I have no idea how these things work. Maybe an additional day or two really is all Strid needed for his recovery.

Or maybe the band did lie! Although why they lied remains a mystery — obviously, Street Noise hasn’t provided evidence to back up their claim that the cancellation was drug-related.

I don’t expect the band to call even more attention to these accusations by responding… but we’ll let you know in the unlikely event that they do comment.

Thanks: E.R.

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