Watch: Lzzy Hale Sings the Fuck Out of Soundgarden’s “My Wave”


Maybe you like Halestorm and maybe you don’t, but you’d really hafta be some kinda fucking dickhead to try and argue that Lzzy Hale isn’t an incredible singer. I mean. This. Woman. Has. PIPES.

To wit: this fan-filmed video of Ms. Hale performing Soundgarden’s “My Wave” with the band Slider. I mean. There’s no nice way to say this: the parts of the song where the vocals are handled by Slider’s Mariah Schneider are inferior by comparison. It’s like reading something by Lester Bangs and then immediately reading something by me. Sometimes you’re just outmatched.

But anyway, yeah, Lzzy Hale. Jesus Christ. Someone please get her to team up with Mlny Parsonz for some kind of blues project. They could call it “Vwels.” You can have that free, ladies.

P.S. This is by no means the first time Lzzy has risen to the challenge of covering Chris Cornell. She always does ‘im proud.

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