Suicide Silence Release Two New Songs, Announce New Album Release Date

Suicide Silence Release Two New Songs, Announce New Album Release Date

Suicide Silence’s eponymous 2017 release strayed from their signature style (i.e., bludgeoning deathcore), and even though that album was pretty good, their fanbase rebelled in big way (shit, I’ve heard people compare the record to Cold Lake, which is ri-goddamn-diculous). So the band was left with pretty much two choices for their next offering, Become the Hunter: continue to strike out in bold new creative directions and risk completely ratfucking their career, or go back to the breakdowns and beatdowns that made them. Understandably, everyone assumed they’d select the latter option, an assumption more or less confirmed by a teaser for the new track “Meltdown,” which the group released earlier this week.

Now Suicide Silence have premiered two full tracks from the album — the aforementioned “Meltdown” (which it turns out is an instrumental intro track) and “Love Me to Death” — and our collective assumption has been more than more or less confirmed. Both cuts sound like the more polished cousins of “Unanswered.” Both cuts are also pretty strong. If you’re one of those fans who found songs like “Doris” to be terrible and fit for endless teasing, I can’t see any reason for this material to make you unhappy. Then again, I’m the guy who liked “Doris,” so maybe there’s something in here that’s terribly offensive to Suicide Silence fans’ delicate palates but has managed to escape my attention. Like, there’s a tiny bit of melody in the lead guitars. Should we round up a firing squad?

Listen to “Meltdown” and “Love Me to Death” below and decide for yourself. Become the Hunter now has a February 14, 2020 release date, so it will make your Valentine’s Day extra-romantic.

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