Listen to Panic at the Disco! Frontman’s New Metal Track


The saga of Panic at the Disco! frontman Brendon Urie’s foray into metal started almost exactly one year ago. And my, how he’s grown! Urie played an entire metal track of his own doing on a Twitch stream last Friday, November 15, and it ain’t half bad!

After promising to dive into metal last year, Urie released a metal cover of a PATD song and then several months later streamed a song clip (also via Twitch) containing a couple of admittedly meaty riffs. Which brings us to last Friday’s livestream, a benefit for Urie’s Highest Hopes Foundation charity. Once donations hit the stream’s stated goal of $75,000 (!), Urie promised fans he’d let the world hear a finished metal song… and he delivered.

The song is more aggressive than you’d expect, with a grimy, aggressive almost Hatebreed-esque riff driving its verses underneath a full-throated, decidedly un-emo scream. The chorus goes for the good cop angle, unsurprising given Urie’s usual vocal style, but he does a good job of not letting it get too cheesy… and then there’s a big ol’ breakdown section in the middle before the heavy intro part comes back to wrap up the song at a shade over two minutes. Many of the bands pitched to MetalSucks on a regular basis don’t write tracks this good, so hats off to Mr. Urie for making it happen!

All told, Urie’s stream raised $134,600.69. That money will go towards “all people + communities who are subject to discrimination or abuse on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation + gender identity.” Plus we get to chuckle about the guy from a world famous emo band writing a metal track AND we get to unexpectedly enjoy it. Win/win/win.

[via Kerrang!]

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