Move over Attila, Here Comes Aitalla


I was scrolling through my inbox just now when I stopped because I thought I saw news regarding Attila, the terrible band who are good for traffic and therefore good for my six kids that I have to feed. Instead, it was news about a band called Aitalla. I don’t think Aitalla chose that name because they knew it would catch the attention of idiot bloggers who are desperate for content, but I do think it was both a brilliant and terrible choice of a name. Because, again, attention, but at the expense of being mistaken for Attila.

So who’s talla, Attila or Aitalla?

Well, being the responsible, award winning journalist that I am, I did my due diligence and listened to the three singles from Aitalla’s (not Attila’s) new album, False Pretenses, which is out now on Curtain Call Records. Two of those songs were fucking awful, but one of those songs was actually pretty good. Which means Aitalla and Attila have exactly the same number of songs that don’t make me throw up in my lap.

And then I found twenty bucks.

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