Listen to Beggar’s Doomy, Bluesy New Single, “Nine Atmospheres”


Self-proclaimed “blues inflected metal” band Beggar have dropped a new single, “Nine Atmospheres,” a groovy mashup of sludgy and extreme that serves as the opener on their upcoming debut album, Compelled to Repeat.

“Nine Atmospheres” wastes no time coming in heavy, with an overall sound that falls somewhere between Sepultura and Bathory featuring demonically angry shrieks layered over slow thrashy riffs and distorted doomy guitar pieces. It manages to exude a gruesomely brutal atmosphere without going into absurd speeds (other some brief shredding during the guitar solo) and maintains power while experimenting with different tempos. The band makes their “blues inflected” claim ring true by keeping it soulfully smooth and emotive without sacrificing any of the heaviness, a meeting point between drastically different worlds that collides masterfully into something that feels simultaneously timeless and new. The accompanying video is an inescapably low budget production that does a good job of visually exhibiting the overall feeling of chaos and grime despite its limitations, full of nightmarish city scenes and camera noise that pairs well with the musical distortion.

Compelled to Repeat is dropping in early 2020 via AFP Records. Watch the video for “Nine Atmosphere” below.

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