New Cattle Decapitation Album Features Narration by Phish’s Drummer


There’s a track on the new Cattle Decapitation album called “The Unerasable Past,” and part of that track features some narration. The voice sounds robotic; if you told me it was a computer, I’d believe you.

But it’s not a computer. It is, in fact, Jon Fishman, drummer for the jam band Phish.

Yeah. Phish. A band so not-metal we made a video about playing metal for their fans.

So how did Phish’s Fishman get involved? Explains the band:

“Yes, its true… Jon Fishman of the legendary jam band Phish is a huge Cattle Decapitation fan and is the one doing the narration at the beginning of ‘The Unerasable Past’, the intro to the final track ‘Death Atlas’ that also appears in the new music video!”

Crazier still, in a new interview with Live for Live Music, Cattle Decap frontman Travis Ryan reveals that Fishman came up with at least part of the narration himself:

“Jon is a big fan of the band and we were happy to have him come on board with the narration, as well as a quote off the top of his head that was inspired by the beautiful area he lives in, and recorded under the Maine night sky.”

Is it weird that this tickles me? I’m not much for Phish, but I’m all for musical diversity, and I’m all for musicians who are respected by the mainstream speaking up on metal’s behalf. Like, this makes me wanna give Billy Breathe another chance. I mean not really but sort of.

Cattle Decapitation’s excellent new album, Death Atlas, comes out THIS Friday! Read our review and then pre-order that bad boy if you haven’t already. The band is touring North America right at this very moment. Get dates and tickets here.

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