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Kerry King’s Wife Says There’s “Not a Chance in Hell” Slayer Will Pull A Mötley Crüe


You can forgive fans for being a little skeptical that Slayer’s allegedly-final-show, which took place over the weekend, was actually their final show. After all, we’ve certainly been here. Ozzy Osbourne is doing “No More Tours 2,” and we just recently learned that Mötley Crüe are getting back together just a few years after they made a BIG DEAL about splitting up. Heck, even Slayer’s manager, while saying they really won’t tour again, has also hinted that they’re not 100% finished.

But in a series of recent social media posts, Ayesha King, wife of Slayer guitarist Kerry King, has reassured fans that Slayer really are done.

When one fan cracked that the band will be back in 2022, Ayesha replied, “Not a chance in hell.” After a different fan pointed out that Mick Mars and Slash both said the same thing once upon a time, Ayesha shot back, “Kerry King is not Mick Mars or Slash.” You can see screen caps of these exchanges and other, similar ones below (via Metal Injection):

I don’t doube Ayesha believes what she’s saying. I do kinda agree with these other fans that the band will change their mind sooner or later. Maybe not, though. It would be pretty cool if they stuck to their guns.

Below, check out more social media posts from Ayesha regarding Slayer’s maybe-last-show:

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