Funko Pop! Making Multiple Eddie the Head Figurines; Metal Blogger Purchasing Multiple New Funko Pop!s


The same way on a long enough timeline every band will eventually reunite in some capacity (bye, Ayesha), on a long enough timeline, every band will eventually be turned into a Funko Pop! vinyl figurine. Additions to the roster thus far include MetallicaGuns N’ RosesMotörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Kiss, Rush, AC/DC’s Angus Young, and Def Leppard. And make fun of me if you must, but this is one trend behind which I will gladly get! I love these lil’ things. It’s the attention to detail that really gets me.

So I’m delighted to report that Funko are adding not one, not two, but four iterations of metal’s most iconic mascot, Eddie the Head. Specifically, they’re doing the versions of Eddie that appeared on the covers of the band’s first four albums, Iron Maiden, Killers, The Number of the Beast, and Piece of Mind.

The only downside? There are other Eddies, like Somewhere in Time Eddie and Powerslave Eddie, who probably would have looked even cooler if given the Funko Pop! treatment. But maybe if these sell well they’ll do those down the road. Also, if they never get to Dance of Death Eddie or whatever the fuck that thing on the cover of The Final Frontier is, no one will complain.

There’s no official release date on these suckers yet — sorry, you can’t give ’em as stocking stuffers — but FYE is taking pre-orders. As for the real Iron Maiden, they’ll be touring the world again in 2020. Get dates and tickets here.

Which one or ones of the Eddie Funkos will you be buying? Weigh in on this oh-so-important topic in the comments section!

[via The PRP]

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