Poll: Will Slayer Ever Reunite?


Slayer’s final/farewell/goodbye tour came to a triumphant close this past weekend in their native Los Angeles, with footage of the band’s final songs and emotional goodbyes from the stage making the rounds.

But is it really the end? Kerry King’s wife Ayesha said “not a chance in hell” they tour again. The band’s manager said they’re absolutely done touring, although the band may continue in some other form (a possibility that’s been on the table for a while).

Forgive our skepticism. From Mötley Crüe to Ozzy to the Misfits to Rage Against the Machine to myriad other relatively small time metal bands who break up in a blaze of glory and then get back together, making grand proclamations about the permanence of a break-up only to scuttle them a few years later is quite common.

So: what do you think? Wording is important here, of course: if Slayer perform a one-off festival show here and there does that mean they’ve gone back on their word? How strict are we being about the word “touring”?

For the purposes of this poll, let’s keep it simple and unambiguous: will Slayer ever perform live again or not?

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