Slipknot Are Spotify’s Most Popular Artist for Angry Listeners


What’s the best band to listen to when you’re angry? We know what Corey Taylor thinks: Slipknot! And, oh hey, look at that — Spotify listeners agree.

Kerrang! reports on a study by TickX:

“Ticket search engine TickX used Playlist Miner to explore a multitude of Spotify playlists that included the words ‘happy’, ‘love’, ‘sad’, ‘chill’, ‘sexy’ and ‘angry’ to find the most popular songs and artists for each mood. The data they sourced found that Slipknot are the most popular artist people listened to when angry.

“The most popular ‘angry’ song is Disturbed’s nu-metal anthem ‘Down with the Sickness,’ although two Slipknot songs [“Duality” and “Before I Forget”] also feature in the Top 5.”

Slipknot edge out such completely furious artists as Three Days Grace and Linkin Park. Kind of amazing Carly Simon didn’t make the list.

The article goes on to reveal that the researchers were also able to use Organize Your Music to determine  “the anatomy of an ‘angry’ song”:

  • BPM at 130
  • Valence (positivity) at 49/100
  • Danceability at 54/100
  • Energy at 86/100
  • Duration of 226 seconds (3 minutes and 47 seconds)
  • Average year of release is 2007

Keep in mind that those are all averages. If “Down with the Sickness” is your idea of “angry” music, then chances are, compared to most MetalSucks readers, you’re below the average. Just a hunch.

All the “angriest” bands and songs, as determined by this study, are listed below. If you feel like being angry live and in person, Slipknot are touring in 2020. Get dates and tickets here.

Angriest Artists

  1. Slipknot
  2. Three Days Grace
  3. Linkin Park
  4. Disturbed
  5. Avenged Sevenfold

Angriest Songs

  1. Disturbed – “Down with the Sickness”
  2. Three Days Grace – “I Hate Everything About You”
  3. Slipknot – “Duality”
  4. Trapt – “Headstrong”
  5. Slipknot – “Before I Forget”
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