Remember Defiler? Defiler are BACK!


You remember Defiler, right? Sure you do. The deathcore outfit’s debut song “Cryomancer” broke the metal internet in 2010 and spawned the following meme, based on the song’s unforgettable intro lyric, back before memes were even really a thing:

There, now you remember, don’t you?

It’s been several years since Defiler released any music, but the outfit are back… and wow, what a difference a decade makes! The band, which sees frontman Jake Shaw (née Jake Petzl) surrounded by a new cast of musicians, keeps some of its deathcore base intact — big chugs, breakdown-y type stuff, deep-throated growls — but wraps it in a hard rock shell with a big, catchy, clean-sung chorus and an underlying synth melody filling the cracks. It’s four minutes of crisp, tight songwriting, and if there’s more of this in the bank Defiler are holding onto we’ll certainly be waiting.

Check it out below. Keep up with Defiler on Facebook and YouTube.

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