Code Orange Have Unveiled a Mysterious New Website


Code Orange have launched a mysterious new website, WhatIsReallyUnderneath.com. Their most recent album, Forever, came out in early 2017, so naturally fans have been speculating that the new website launch signals the arrival of a new record in the first part next year.

The website features a 360° draggable environment with several TVs and other electronics and items to click, kind of like an old school NES puzzle game (Shadowgate, Deja Vu, etc.). Each clickable link leads to a short YouTube video, roughly a minute long each, with grainy footage and eery sound effects, and each video has a line of binary code in the description, numbers one through seven (eight is on the wall of the room). Here are those binary code lines:

1. 0110011001110
2. 0100110100101
3. 1001000110000
4. 10111100101110
5. 1000110100001
6. 1001010011000
7. 1001100110111
8. 010001101000

There is a clock on the wall which, when clicked, asks for a three-digit code to be entered, presumably to be gleaned from solving the binary code puzzle. There are other codes written on items throughout the room. There is even a phone which, when clicked, offers you the option to dial the number! The message on that line is, of course, very mysterious. Other links include a puzzle, a t-shirt store, a Discord chat group and other goodies. Visit the site right here.

We’ll update you as soon as the internet solves these riddles. Very cool marketing campaign.

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