Corey Taylor: “If the Democrats Don’t Get on the Same Page, It’s Four More Years of Trump”


I am of the opinion that Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere. If he legally wins re-election, swell (for him, not the world, obvi). If not, he’ll cry “FAKE NEWS!” and refuse to vacate office. At that point, either someone with authority will have to remove him, or we will officially be living under a dictator. We know the Republicans won’t step up and make sure his fat ass vacates the White House, because they’ve done their deal with the devil and they’re not gonna grow a conscience now. But even if someone does make him GTFO, his hateful rhetoric is all but guaranteed to make sure that a certain percentage of his base will cry foul and possibly become violent. In other words, regardless of the outcome of the next election, we’re all more or less fucked. Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote. But it does mean you should probably take some advice from the movie Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

But what does Corey Taylor think? The Irish Times asked the Slipknot singer if Trump will get re-elected, to which he replied:

“I’d love to say no. My predictions were way off. Hillary Clinton was going to lose to anybody because there were more people who disliked her than liked her. People haven’t liked Hillary Clinton for more than 20 years. You can relate to Trump because he is such a bumbling moron. A lot of people relate to him that’s why they voted for him. There is something that the Democrats haven’t learned that the Republicans learned a long time ago. That is getting your base to vote no matter who the person is. Democrats haven’t learned that because they think they are smarter than everyone else. There are people who said they would never vote for Hillary Clinton though they knew the spectre of Trump was there. Trump’s their fault too. People refusing to see what needs to be done is why we get Trump. Whoever the nominee is, whether it be Sanders, Biden or Warren, no matter who it is, if all the Democrats don’t get on the same page as one and vote for those people – it’s four more years of Trump. The thing that will keep Trump in check is if the Senate is flipped. If the Democrats can flip the Senate, it will at least keep Trump in check for the next four years.”

Well… he ain’t wrong. But we also need people who might not normally vote to get out to the polling booth, too. Again, I suspect El Trumpo will refuse to leave regardless. But still. Better to legally win the election than lose altogether.

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