Has Vocalist Michael Barr Re-Joined Volumes?


Gus Farias was fired from Volumes last year for reasons unknown, although we strongly suspect it has something to do with his being too cheap to get a new a keyboard where the Caps Lock button isn’t stuck. Regardless of the reasons, though, Volumes are gonna need a new frontman… and according to Farias, at least, that new frontman will be the band’s old frontman, Michael Barr.

I would argue that working with Gus Farias for so long is what makes Volumes look like fools, but I know his brother, Diego, is still in the band so that probably motivated them to put up with his inarticulate, allegedly-scamming ass for as long as they did. As to why telling Farias they were replacing him with Barr would give Farias cause to take them to court, I have no idea. I also have no idea why, if it did give Farias cause to bring them to court, hiring Barr after they fired Farias would change that. I do have some idea why Volumes would rather work with Barr than Farias, and that idea is “Because Barr is a much classier guy.”

Really the takeaways here should probably just be 1) Michael Barr may be back in Volumes, and 2) “Never take legal advice from someone who types in all caps.”

[via Lambgoat]

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