Beef of Osiris: BOO Block Former Guitarist Jason Richardson on Twitter


Hoping for a reunion between Sumeriancore savants Born of Osiris and former guitarist Jason Richardson? Well, you can wish in one hand and shit in the other…

So what happened is this: a fan on social media recently suggested that just such a reunion ought to take place so that the band could record a sequel to 2011’s The Discovery, which is the sole BOO album on which Richardson appears. But Richardson — who has also played with Chelsea Grin, is currently a member of All That Remains, and was very vocal about how displeased he was to be fired by Born of Osiris in 2012 — shot down the idea, replying:

“Pass. I’m still owed a decade of royalties from the 1st one ????????‍♂️”

At which point Born of Osiris blocked Richardson on Twitter.

This is the rare instance of online beef where I feel like both parties had an appropriate reaction — I completely understand why whichever member or members of Born of Osiris run their social media would block Richardson, and I think the fact that Richardson found being blocked hilarious is a healthy response. Richardson probably comes off looking like the “winner” here. But it’s also not shocking that BOO was like “You’re annoying shut up.”

So that happened.

[via Lambgoat]

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