Enlarge Poppy at The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, January 22, 2020. Photo credit: Simmons Tobias for MetalSucks.

Photos and Show Review: Poppy at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, January 22, 2020


On the opening night of Poppy’s “I Disagree” tour, the legendary Great American Music Hall in San Francisco was packed with a combination of teenage girls (and their dads), tech bros, grown women in Lolita dresses and everyone in between. The sold out crowd was packed into the intimate venue with so much anticipation that multiple “Poppy! Poppy!” chants started throughout the night before she finally hit the stage. 

Starting her set with “Concrete” from the recently released album, I Disagree, and then rolling through “Bloodmoney” and “Scary Mask,” the enigmatic young singer perfectly walked the balance between absurdity and perfection. With stage production way too big for the Great American Music Hall, including giant neon tubes and a massive mirrored light box, Poppy and her four band members lit up the crowds aural and visual senses. Standout moments included her cover of t.A.T.u.’s early 2000s hit, “All the Things She Said,” and a rowdy encore of “Bite Your Teeth” and “I Disagree.”

Opening for Poppy was the Australian born industrial-leaning duo Vowws, who have recently toured with other notable artists such as Ministry and The Cult. Vowws served up just the right amount of brooding and darkness to balance out the white and pink brightness that would come with Poppy headline set.

If you are a metal purist you probably won’t enjoy this show, but if you are a fan unique music and enter with an open mind, this tour will keep your attention through the whole evening. Have a look at some photos below.



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