Slipknot Fan Throws Beer on Stage, Corey Taylor Calls Them a “Dumbass”


Why would anyone throw a full beer up on stage while a band is playing? For starters, not only is it an unwelcome interruption for the band you supposedly love, but what a waste of both perfectly good beer and money! I also have to imagine whoever did it had to fight their way up close to get their spot, and in order to go get another beer they’d have to abandon post. And on top of all of that, they’re risking expulsion from the show altogether. Stupid!

In a weird way, then, whoever threw a beer on stage during Slipknot’s set last night, January 28, in Amsterdam, got the only positive reward that could have possibly come of it: a shoutout from Corey Taylor, even if Taylor took the perpetrator to task for wasting a beer, saying “You just wiped your ass with that money, dumbass.” Now there’s video of the incident on the internet, because of course there is, and whoever threw the beer will have a memento of the event forever, assuming they were sober enough to remember it happened. I hate to say it, but the idiot kinda wins this round.

Have a look at the video below via Reddit. Slipknot have a ton of dates booked for the rest of 2020, which you can find and buy tickets for right here.

[via Loudwire]

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