Plagiarizing ex-Flaw Guitarist Finds a New Band


One of the more bizarre scandals in the metal world in recent years took place last fall when floundering nu-metal band Flaw were busted for committing multiple acts of plagiarism on their most recent album. An effort to prevent guitarist-turned-bassist Tommy Gibbons from being discovered as the riff thief failed when Gibbons accidentally outed himself as the culprit on social media, after which the band had no choice but to fire him. Gibbons tried to blame the whole thing on mislabeling files on his computer, convincing absolutely no one…

Until now! Despite Gibbons’ claim following the whole ordeal that he’d “decided to completely step away from music,” he now finds himself back on guitar, this time in Farewell to Fear, as brought to our attention by The PRP.

Farewell to Fear announced the news on Facebook this past Friday, January 31, saying:

“*ANNOUNCEMENT* all of us from FAREWELL TO FEAR would like to welcome TOMMY GIBBONS as our TOURING GUITARIST!!!!!! He filled in for us for the Chris Jericho Cruise so let’s welcome Tommy and let’s see what the future holds!!!!!! More updates coming soon!!!!! Thank you all for the continued support”

Gibbons himself added:

“Well there you guys go…..a lot of you wanted me back!!!! So here I’M BACK!!!!!!! I want to thank you guys for all the support and love you have showed me…..I guess we’ll just see what happens…….”

I’d use the phrase “fail upwards” here, but I’m not sure it applies given Farewell to Fear’s stature in the metal world compared to Flaw’s. “Once a hit, always a star”? Nah, that doesn’t quite capture it either.

In any case, at least Gibbons won’t be able to contribute “accidentally mislabeled” riffs to his new band in his role as touring guitarist. Although who knows… maybe the band will ask him to help “write” their next album! We can only hope: we at MetalSucks are most certainly here for it.

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