Amazing Video: Bernie Sanders Interviews Punks at the Mall in 1988


Bernie Sanders is nothing if not consistent, a career politician who has been sticking to the same ethos and trumpeting the same lines for basically his entire life. So it’s no surprise to find this video, unearthed from 1988, in which the Democratic presidential candidate focuses on many of the same themes he does now: economic equality for all, the pratfalls of capitalism and freedom of individual expression.

The six-minute clip, which sees the current Senator from Vermont in his prior role as the Mayor of Burlington, the state’s largest city, featuries Sanders interviewing two punks about their choice of clothing, their views on society… and the quality of their education at the local high school. Sanders displays the mix of levity and confused uncle we’ve come to expect from him, lightly joshing the kids for their fashion choices while still affirming their desires to be seen as individuals and acknowledging their opinions of communism and anarchism as valid.

The clip comes from the public access TV show Bernie Speaks, an archive of which is available at Burlington’s CCTV Center for Media & Democracy with some hand-picked highlights over at Mother Jones. Have a watch below.

[via Loudwire]

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